(Re)Learning, Engagement, Growth Statement

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Those heart-warming nights when my Mexican family and I sat in the backyard telling and listening to stories about excitement, pain, love, hatred, etc. were some of the most educative and transformative experiences in my life. Why? It brought us together to acknowledge our existence. We learned to have similar and opposing views, learned to grow from our stories or the stories heard, and found systems of support and resource.


As an educator, I find (re)learning to be effective through facilitation and engagement in the product of growth for the personal and communal being. This can mean for diversity, equity, or art making. With my experience as a facilitator and participant, I find engagement and (re)learning to not be fixed, but rather an evolving transformative process. Through games, interactive actives, reflection, stories, art, etc., we can learn to live together and practice the change we need to see in our world.


I seek to be a guide in the (re)learning process through facilitation, collaboration, mentorship, and joy for the personal and communal growth.