Short Manifesto

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Mi encantan las fiestas because it’s the only time I feel my spirit free and a communal joy

I love to lip sync Lady Gaga songs, dance to cumbia, and live in my fantasy—maybe that's why I’m a drag queen that gets to put all those elements together

I’m a Mexican-American, but I don’t know what that means besides speaking in Spanglish and putting hot sauce on everything

I have been fed stories since I was a child by my Mexican parents y también ha cantado canciones para el Nacimiento del Niño Dios

I think storytelling is important to connect us all, but I don’t think stories stand alone for change in our world

I live to be an artivist in the many platforms I am given

I love my young baby brother because he reminds me of how to use my imagination and the importance of it

I must not forget to tell you that I’m visually impaired because you might wave “hi” to me and I just won’t see you

I’m a Gemini who jumps from topic-to-topic y mi encanta los chismes. I think storytelling, corridos, and the existence of drag queens is important. Sigamos la fiestas para seguir viviendo. I love humanity, but sometimes not people.

Have safe sex, do safe drugs, and drink water.


Photo by Liz Olivarez Lyles @llloviiis